Gatka is an historic martial artwork which has been thoroughly war-examined and has existed in northern India for many thousands of years. it’s miles taken into consideration to be a non secular as well as a bodily exercise. each these aspects of the individual are evolved to a excessive stage in the course of the mastering phase on this historic art. although it makes use of the sword as its primary weapon, many other guns are to be had to the Gatka grasp. today, this artwork exists solely amongst the Sikhs who’ve passed down the flowery techniques thru generations, seeing that their sixth Guru, Guru Hargobind wore the two swords of Miri (temporal, worldly) and Piri (religious, transcendental).
The Sikhs had been responsible for the revival of this early art ensuring it’s survival in spite of mass persecution of the native populace in India by means of foreign invaders just like the Mughals and others for lots loads of years.
Gatka is a whole martial gadget which uses spiritual, mental and bodily capabilities in identical quantities to assist one fully capable in defending themselves and others.


Gatka is the conventional martial art of the Sikhs. it’s far based at the primary principle of unification of the mind, body and spirit in a rhythm of lifestyles to train a saint-soldier so that it will shield himself or herself.

whilst learning the art, you go from naked handed combat to using diverse shastars (guns) along with kirpans, sticks, lathis, marotis, nun chucks, axes and a lot greater.

the primary shastar that a pupil will use is a stick normally constructed from bamboo, every now and then known as a Marati. With the stick you are taught all the fundamental physical movements and the intellectual mind-set required. as soon as these strategies had been learnt then these may be implemented with different shastars as you benefit greater revel in.

Kirpans kind Shastars come in different shapes and sizes and also can are available in extraordinary patterns. some the kirpans which might be used by practitioners are: Talwar, Gurj, widespread, Thega, and so on. once the diverse techniques have been mastered, you move onto to sparing with shastars and this is while you’ll then be brought to shields. Shields come in many bureaucracy and shapes. they vary a lot – a few are huge and heavy; some have spikes on them for attacking; some are very primary and are best used for defence most effective.

Sparing is a very exclusive level of functioning. it may be very risky sparing with kirpans and axes and requires strict field, awareness, clartity of mind and restrain. a few shastars are not utilized in motion however are worn through the practitioner for defence. these are either located in our “kamar kasa” (belt) or round our dastars (Turban) such as a “chakar” (metallic ring).

some devices utilized in war have been no longer even weapons which includes the Ranjit Nagara, the drum of victory, turned into used to boast the morale of the Sikhs going to war, at some point of warfare and coming out of conflict. Even Bani become used to help in battle the squaddies for the duration of wars. Gurbani helped even the weakest Sikhs to fight heroically. The Bani, Shastar Mahma from the Dasam Granth is one such Bani.

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