The turban or “pagri” frequently shortened to “pag” or “dastar” are distinct phrases in diverse dialect for the same article. a lot of these phrases discuss with the garment worn by means of both males and females to cowl their heads. it is a headdress which include a protracted scarf-like single piece of cloth wound round the pinnacle or from time to time an inner “hat” or patka. traditionally in India, the turban was handiest worn by way of guys of excessive reputation in society; men of low popularity or of lower castes were now not allowed or couldn’t have enough money to put on a turban.
even though the retaining of unshorn hair became mandated via Guru Gobind Singh as one of the five k’s or 5 articles of faith, it has long been intently associated with Sikhism since the very beginning of Sikhi in 1469. Sikhism is the only faith inside the international in which sporting a turban is obligatory for all adult adult males. tremendous majority of folks that wear turbans in the Western countries are Sikhs. The Sikh pagdi (ਪਗੜੀ) is also referred to as dastaar (ਦਸਤਾਰ), that’s a more respectful phrase in Punjabi for the turban.



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